What is the CHEK ABC difference? Why do families and students choose to partner with CHEK ABC for at-home learning? Here is what we see at the CHEK ABC advantage:

1. Our Teachers: We focus on developing a positive and supportive relationship between students, families and teachers. All of our teachers are BC certified and are experts in helping families and students be successful at home education. They are compassionate and passionate educators that care for the whole child – even in a home education context.

2. Flexibility: We recognize that situations vary, so our programs need to be dynamic to adjust to the variety of needs. From flexible choices of: resources, Learning Centre Activities, Blended Learning programs, On-line options and ‘Start Anytime’ courses in High School, we allow programs to be tailored to best fit the student.

3. Faith Based: We infuse a Biblical perspective into all of our courses, offer resources that teach from a Christian view and emphasize service and discipleship. In our High School we have developed a new ‘Discipleship’ stream of courses to enrich the faith development.

4. Support: We are a smaller school, so we pride ourselves in being available to connect with students and families: to answer questions and provide required support. Right from office staff, to teaching staff, to administration – we are accessible and want to hear from you! A complaint that we hear often is that large schools provide all the bells and whistles, but support and connecting with someone to answer questions is poor. We place face-to-face as number 1.

5. New to Home Schooling: We recognize the processes, curriculums, language and terminology that is used may be confusing to those who are new or considering home education. To assist you, we offer:

  • Curriculum-in-a-box: A box of all the resources needed to teach the core subjects for the entire year in one simple solution. These are a compilation of the most recommended and used resources by our students and families. It takes the complexity out of having to choose.
  • ‘No Silly Questions’: There are never any silly questions and our teachers and staff understand that it is a huge learning curve to begin the home education journey. Feel free to ask away.
  • Home School For Beginners page on our Website: Contains tips and hints for helping in the journey.

6. Service Learning: Our mission statement is “Growing in Christ centred: Service, Academics and Character”. We believe in the benefits of showing our faith in action to the community around us. Despite not being in one site, we offer multiple Service opportunities for families to participate in throughout the year.

7. Wading through the clutter: Larger schools provide so many options that families walk away feeling confused and not supported. We have waded through resources, on-line programs and curriculums and emphasize the best of the best.

8. Blended Learning: We work with Christian schools to continue to offer flexible programs where students can home school yet attend a few classes in a brick and mortar setting.

9. School Based Resources: We offer families and students access to:

  • Our fully stocked resource and toy lending library called the ‘Librarium’
  • The option of a computer lease
  • On-line educational programs through our secure ‘Family Room’
  • Community Activities arranged thorough local teachers
  • Access to Learning Centre classes in many Kootenay communities

10. Connect Middle School Program (Grades 6-9): Connect is a teacher-directed, parent-supported program to aid in the transition from elementary school to secondary school.  With a small team of dedicated and caring teachers, students follow a weekly schedule on the online learning platform, Moodle.

11. High School Specialists: High School students work with subject area specialists who are experts in their areas of teaching. Many of our courses are taught by the teachers who developed or helped develop them – so support is useful and first hand.

12. Special Needs Program: Special Needs students receive the supports they need to help them be successful academically. We base our program on a need basis, allocating funds to build successful programs for students. This allows for greater personalization and access to support services for students who require it most.

13. Care: As a staff, we pray for our families on a regular basis and seek ways to adapt their programs during times of crisis.