Registered students do not have a liaison teacher who assists with a Student Learning Plan nor do they work with a certified teacher. Registered students do not receive funding for curriculum or activities in the way enrolled students receive funding. Families who wish to “register” rather than “enroll” students with CHEK ABC are encouraged to call the CHEK ABC office for full information. All children of school age in BC must be either “enrolled” in some school with regular classes or a schooling at home (Distributed Learning) program in either an independent or public school or “registered” in some independent or public school in the Province.

The CHEK ABC office will confirm that registration is complete.


For returning registered students, please complete the re-register form for the new school year. Please note: The province of BC requires all students to be registered with a school. If this form is not received in the central office, CHEK ABC will not continue to include the students as registered on the Ministry of Education Student Data Collection form by September 30.

If you have any questions or are not sure about with option to choose, please don’t hestitate to contact us for assistance!