Connect is a teacher-directed, parent-supported program to aid in the transition from elementary school to secondary school.  With a small team of dedicated and caring teachers, students follow a weekly schedule on the online learning platform, Moodle. Connect is a blended model of online and print-resource learning. Students will complete assignments and hand them in weekly to their teacher for assessment and feedback. Connect’s unique weekly online sessions with teachers and classmates allow students to have face to face interactions for lessons, discussion and help with content and assignments. In addition to the online classroom, students will enjoy a monthly all-school assembly to hear announcements, highlight student work and accomplishments and collaborate.  

Who is Connect for? Students in Grades 7-9 who are able to work independently at grade-level, with minimal parental assistance. 


  • Grade 7 and 8 – $500 or $350 without a laptop 
  • Grade 9 – $400 or $250 without a laptop

*Laptops are part of the Computer Lease Program. 

If you choose the Middle School program with a laptop, please click here to fill out the form.*


The Connect teachers have worked hard to find the most engaging and effective curriculum and resources that meet the BC Ministry of Education requirements so no other curriculum or resources will be used other than what is in the course itself.

Students will be provided with all of the resources they need to provide a full program so no other resource funding is given.

Your role is to support your child with answering day to day questions, and ensure that your child is actively engaging in his/her studies, communicating regularly with his/her teachers, and participating in online learning sessions.

Three: a Humanities teacher that covers Language Arts, Social Studies, Bible and Second Languages; a Math/Science teacher that will also oversee ADST; an Electives teacher that will oversee Fine Arts, PHED and HCE.

Grades 7-8 are either fully in the program or fully working with a regional teacher. Grade 9s are still allowed to cross-enrol for courses and pay the tuition ($150: Bible and Career Ed; $200: LA, Math, Science, Social Studies) and are overseen by the specialist teachers, not the Connect teachers.

Students will study: _________________________________________

  • Digital Literacy & How to Use Moodle 
  • Food Studies
  • Choice of: Coding, Exploring Business, Game Design, Exploring Info Tech, Typing

Students will have the choice of a full-year or three-term course, and can choose from:

  • Food Studies
  • Textiles
  • Drafting/Woodworking
  • Game Design
  • Info Tech
  • Coding
  • Digital Art
  • Digital Citizenship

In Grades 7 and 8, students are required to study all four areas: Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Arts. Students will complete online courses, unless he/she is involved in private lessons.

In Grade 9, students will have the choice to study:

  • Studio Arts
  • Exploring Music
  • Independent Study (requires weekly private lessons)