We believe that parents are vital to their children’s education.

A Dynamic Education in an At Home Setting

CHEK ABC is a Christian home and online school with a focus on empowering parents who want a dynamic learning experience for their child(ren). Our local CHEK ABC teachers come alongside parents to give personal assistance to meet the child’s needs and promote learning within a Christian perspective.

Personalized Kindergarten – Grade 9 Program – Education Just for You

CHEK ABC takes an approach where parents choose their own resources and set the learning path that will be delivered to their child(ren). There is flexibility in achieving the Ministry of Education learning goals and our highly skilled and experienced teachers work with families to help them to achieve the outcomes without stress.

CHEK ABC teachers respect the different educational philosophies of each family and allows them to have the creativity to pursue their learning goals for their child(ren). This results in the following:

  • Choosing resources that fit best
  • Input in their child(ren)’s Student Learning Plan (SLP)
  • Flexibility to meet Provincial Learning Standards in differing ways
  • Representing learning in a variety of ways
  • Providing input into child(ren)’s progress

For families who are new to schooling at home and/or don’t know where to begin, CHEK ABC will walk along side to help them feel successful. With knowledgeable staff; experienced teachers; and suggested grade level resource lists – we will work with families to create a Student Learning Plan that will help each child be successful at home. We have a program for new home educators called ‘Home Schooling for Beginners’. Visit our link for more details.

This program will prepare students for taking additional online courses in High School. For 2023 – 2024 we will offer 5 CHEK ABC developed online courses. Each CHEK ABC course will have students work with a online High School specialist.  These courses will prepare students for online highschool, as they work with specialist teachers to learn and complete assignments.  Independence and self-motivation will be developed, which will be an asset for the highschool years.  The 2023-2024 courses options will include:

  • Grade 9 Bible (CHEK ABC)
  • Grade 9 Science (CHEK ABC)
  • Grade 9 Social Studies (CHEK ABC)
  • Grade 9 Mathematics (CHEK ABC)
  • Grade 9 Language Arts (CHEK ABC)
  • Career Education Online (MyBluePrint)

For additional information, please contact us at 250-352-0526 or email us at

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Middle School Connect (Grades 6-9)

Connect is a teacher-directed, parent-supported program to aid in the transition from elementary school to secondary school.  For more information, click here.

Group Activities

Group activities, are available for most Kindergarten to Grade 9 students, and depend upon the interest in each local area. The value of group activities includes:

  • to meet other home education families and students
  • to enrich learning with hands-on activities and experiences
  • to provide opportunities for students to meet their teacher, and the teacher to interact with the student’s learning.

Group activities may include:

  • Field trips – including: museums, parks, local business’, government facilities, other unique areas of interest, etc.
  • Physical activity events – group swimming lessons, skiing lessons, team sports, etc.
  • Arts activities – including: painting, drawing classes, sculpting, general art classes, etc.
  • Subject specific workshops and special speakers

Learning Centres

Learning Centres may be offered in communities with larger bases of CHEK ABC students. Learning Centres provide classroom-based experiences which meet provincial leaning standards for required subject matter.  Activities also provide access to group experiences that are difficult to re-create in a home-based setting. Schedules and fees vary for learning centres and are advertised to students. Some classes have included: Writing workshops, Math enrichment, Science and Science Fair classes, Health and Career classes, etc.

Blended Learning

CHEK ABC values the opportunity for students to have access to classroom activities for the benefit of academic, social, and spiritual development. We work to establish relationships with local brick and mortar Christian schools to offer blended learning opportunities to our students. Please see the list of our Partner Schools to learn of blended learning options available in your area.

Guiding the Learning

For every CHEK ABC student a Student Learning Plan (SLP) is created at the beginning of each school year. This is a document that aligns with Ministry of Education learning standards, and directs the learning and activities. Student Learning Plans are flexible templates that are completed by your CHEK ABC teacher giving the family voice in their unique circumstance(s), goals, and learning needs/interests of their child(ren).

Recognizing the inclusive, integrated, and personal nature of home learning, students may work at their own pace and in a cross-curricular manner.

When developing a Student Learning Plan, your teacher will work with you to:

  • Learn the skills and abilities your child already demonstrates
  • Develop learning goals for the year
  • Create activities that are personally meaningful, family based, and access different modes of learning and representing
  • Choose resources and activities that will support the development of learning skills and competencies
  • Help assess your child(ren)’s work.


CHEK ABC provides the resources and activities as determined by the parent and teacher in the SLP. There is a generous allowance that can be used to participate in local activities, attend CHEK ABC sponsored learning groups, access curriculum and technological support.

There is a vast amount of curriculum available for loan through the CHEK ABC Librarium. With a membership, families can borrow as many resources as they wish! This helps stretch the Resource Allowance further. For a full listing of what is available and how to get a membership, please visit our Librarium Page.

For help with choosing resources, please visit our Curriculum in a box page to access our Recommended Resource Lists. Resources have been carefully chosen and reviewed by our CHEK ABC Teaching Team.

If choosing specific resources seems overwhelming, we have curated an “All in One” box  designed to meet your child’s needs at the grade level they are in.  Again, these resources have been carefully chosen by our CHEK ABC teaching team and have been put together to form our most convenient resource option.

Please see our Learning Tools page for more information on how parents can use the Resource allowance.

Collaborative Assessment helps students achieve their goals

CHEK ABC teachers and parents work together to provide feedback, support and encouragement to students. Students share weekly with their teacher their progress and successes. Teachers, parents and students work collaboratively to create a digital portfolio on a platform called Fresh Grade that highlights the achievement of students throughout the year. CHEK ABC Report Cards are issued three times per year that provides benchmarks on student progress, assessment of goal achievement, and strategies for further support.