Some of the many reasons families choose home education as program of choice for their children are to:

  • Integrate their Christian faith into their child’s education
  • Provide personalized learning opportunities
  • Meet the unique learning needs of their child
  • Create a program that is tailored to the family’s life situation
  • Pursue creativity in an authentic, hands-on education program
  1. Living and Learning in Community – Students and families build relationships with a teacher and support network in their community. Learning Centres or group activities are available in many communities that both students and parents are welcome to join. Families going through special circumstances/transitions may find needed support.
  2. Flexibility – Students may progress through their program at a pace that is comfortable and adapted to their family’s lifestyle. A change from the typical educational schedule can provide opportunity for developing special interests. Learning plans are designed to accommodate unique gifting and learning styles of students.

Online students can choose their own rate of course completion up to one calendar year from start date.

Enrolling means that a certified teacher works with your family to achieve the personalized learning goals for the student. The teacher provides weekly support and guidance and will write individual report cards. The parent/guardian fosters a positive learning environment to support the student in achieving their goals.

Registering means you pursue your learning goals for your child without the support of a teacher. You may choose to follow BC Ministry of Education curriculum or create your own program.

Students in Grades 8-12 may cross enroll with CHEK ABC. Cross enrollment occurs when students are fully enrolled at one school and also take courses with CHEK ABC. They work with a CHEK ABC teacher and at their own pace.

We have an easy to follow enrollment process. Click here to access our online enrollment page.

Yes – day or night! Continuous enrollment any time during the year is welcome.

A staff member contacts you to complete the enrollment process. A teacher is assigned to work with you to develop a learning plan and choose resources that suit the needs of your child.

To see all the steps involved in the enrollment process, see getting started.

A staff member contacts you to complete the registration process.

Yes. There are two options for families with K – 9 students:

  1. Families can use a curriculum of their choice, including faith based resources. The teacher helps ensure that they meet the Ministry of Education outcomes.
  2. We have recommended curriculum lists that families can access to help plan.
  3. The Grades 10 – 12 high school online courses have a set curriculum.

There is weekly contact, usually via email with a teacher. Home visits for K – 9 students are by agreement between teacher and family and generally occur three times a year.

For student work and communication with teachers, a recent model computer (over tablet or mobile phone) is needed.

Group activities are offered in communities across BC, giving students of all ages the opportunity to participate and connect with one another. Some examples include field trips, guest speakers, workshops, Learning Centre classes.

Our program provides flexibility for students to work at their skill level in all subject areas.

Teachers partner with families and recommend support. If a student qualifies for extra funding as a Special Needs student, additional services and/or special teaching assistants may be provided by CHEK ABC.

Yes, we have a hard working Special Education Department that assists families with Special Needs students to develop individualized learning plans and supports learning at home.

To learn more about our Special Needs program, click here.

It is required that children reach the age of 5 on or before December 31st of that year to be eligible for kindergarten enrollment.

Yes. A student in Grade 9 may take one grade 10 course with CHEK ABC.

We offer a full Dogwood Diploma Program. To complete a Dogwood Diploma, students are required to complete 80 credits and write all provincial exams. Students with Special Needs may work toward a School Completion Certificate Program to meet their learning goals. Adult students (over the age of 18), may work towards the alternate Adult Dogwood

All Dogwood and School Completion students graduate from CHEK ABC. We celebrate our graduates through individual ceremonies.

CHEK ABC plans graduation celebrations in each region for students. In locations where there are enough students, a group ceremony is planned. In locations where there is only one graduate, a celebratory dinner or event with family and friends is arranged.