K-9 Enrolled Students

      A)  A non-refundable $50 tuition per child with a higher student allotment
      B)  No tuition with a lower student allotment.

*All SPED students have to pay the Non-Refundable tuition of $50*

Middle School Connect (Grades 7-9)

  • Grade 7 and 8 – $500 or $350 without a laptop
  • Grade 9 – $400 or $250 without a laptop

*If you choose the Middle School program with a laptop, please click here to fill out the form.*

Grades 10 -12, Cross Enrolled, International and Adult Students

  • Gr 10 – 12 students and cross enrolled students (online learning) pay no fees.
  • Tuition for Grade 8 and 9 online courses is $150 for Bible and Career Education and $200 for Science, Math, Language Arts and Social Studies.
  • International students wishing to enroll are welcome but must pay a per course tuition of $1, 250.
  • Graduated Adults may take a course for a tuition of $650
  • Non-Graduated Adults may take a course for a tuition of $200

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