CHEK ABC is a Group 1 Independent School governed by the Nelson Christian School Society. The society has a Board of Directors that meets 5 times per year to set the direction of the schools within the society and to ensure that the schools are following the mission of the society. For 2023/2024 the board is comprised of the following members:

  • Mrs. Linda Schmidt
  • Mr. Brendan Melanson (Vice President)
  • Mr. Mike McGilvrey(Secretary)
  • Mrs. Nathanja Gingerich (Acting President)
  • Mrs. Lydia Neumann
  • Mr. Kevin Bernhardt (Superintendent) (non-voting member)
  • Mrs. Stacy DeVries (CHEK ABC High School Principal) (non-voting member)
  • Mrs. Tracy Ashley (NCCS Principal) (non-voting member)

To contact the board, please email: and it will be forwarded onto the respective member.


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