New Enrollment

Enrolled students have a Student Learning Plan (SLP) developed by the parent and the teacher. This plan is implemented and guides the schooling process during the year. In grades K – 9 there is considerable flexibility since the parents can choose their own curriculum materials to meet the goals that are set for each grade level. There is less flexibility at the high school level. The teacher, in cooperation with the parents, does the assessment and prepares the report cards during the year. Enrolled students receive funding to cover all curriculum costs and all associated activities which are contained in the SLP. The enrolled student’s program is funded by the Ministry of Education and there are no additional costs for the families.

Students who enroll with CHEK ABC should have access to a computer and the internet.

Once your enrollment has been accepted, a teacher will contact parents to set up a meeting at their convenience. Together, parents and the teacher, will prepare a SLP suited to their child, select curriculum and begin the ordering process as necessary.

CHEK ABC requires that every family read the CHEK ABC Parent/Student Handbook as part of the application process. It includes important information about CHEK ABC programs, procedures and policies.

Parent Student Handbook

Re Enrollment

Families who are currently enrolled and are returning to CHEK ABC will complete a shorter re enrollment form. Once this information is received by the central office, the SLP for the new year can be drafted by the teacher, in consultation with the family. Curriculum ordering is determined by what is listed on the SLP.