High School Course Extension Form

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  • Course Details

    Please note: You will need to fill out this form for each course that you would like to extend.
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  • Please specify the reason you were unable to complete this course:

  • Plan for Completion of the Course

  • Please outline your weekly plan for the next 3 months that will enable you to complete the course.
  • Agreement

  • I understand that I have to pay a non-refundable tuition of $100 for this extension, and when this form is completed successfully, I will have an additional 2 months added to the course term. I understand that if I do not complete this course in the allotted term, I will be withdrawn from this course. Once withdrawn I will no longer be able to complete this course and will have to be re-enrolled and start the course from the beginning.

    Students will have up to 10 months to complete a course. If they do not, they can apply for a 2-month extension. The cost of the extension is a $100 tuition and allows us to pay for the teacher’s time for up to the end of the remaining 2-month term.

  • Please type your full legal name to the above statement. Typed names suffice as handwritten signatures.
  • Extension Approval (Office Use)