*Our Lease Programs are only available for regular enrolled K-9  students.*

If you have and questions, please contact subscriptions@chekabc.ca.

Computer Lease

CHEK ABC is able to access PC laptops from an organization that refurbishes them for schools. These laptops are formerly from businesses or government departments and are completely renewed and in excellent condition before we purchase them. Laptops are reputable brands – including Dell, Lenovo and HP and are usually between 2-5 years old. The computer lease program allows families to have access to an affordable, reliable computer that is paid for over a 3-year term.  This program is not a revenue generator nor fundraiser for CHEK ABC. We charge families the cost of the laptop with a small amount for shipping, taxes

Connect Middle School

The 3 year term does not apply to the Connect Middle School Program.  The computer is included if families select the “Tuition with Computer” option.