Community Classes

CHEK ABC Online School offers weekly community classes that are thoughtfully designed
and overseen by BC certified teachers. These classes provide a wonderful sense of
community and belonging for student as they build their social learning skills. The
community classes weave together the best aspects of at-home learning and face-to-face
learning and provide a flexible environment for students to self-direct their learning.
Community classes provide academic support for math and language arts as well as
physical and health education, arts education, and student-led inquiry.

CLASS FEES per year

Morning Class: $300
Afternoon Class: $300

Student allocated funds can be
used to pay for classes.

Payment using personal funds
can be made via e-transfer.

Funds are non-refundable.

A $20 supplies fee is required.


When completing the online re-
enrolment or enrolment form,

please select the Blended Learning option on the form.

A teacher will contact each family
on a first-come-first-served basis
to sign-up for classes. Classes are
multi-aged. For student’
s in our
Inclusive Program some EA hours
are allotted during community
class time.