310 Privacy Related to Personal Information

When personal information related to students is communicated, every effort is made to guard the privacy of the information according to the Personal Information Protection Act.

  1. CHEK ABC does not collect, use or disclose personal information without the consent of the parent or guardian unless otherwise permitted under the Act.
  2. Parents and employees have the right to access information held by CHEK ABC including student record files or employee files.
  3. The commissioner under PIPA can investigate complaints about CHEK ABC’s handling of personal information.
  4. CHEK ABC follows strict policies and practices in order to keep personal information secure including:
    • CHEK ABC uses encryption, as needed;
    • Usernames and passwords;
    • Registered mail is used when deemed necessary.
  5. CHEK ABC has a process to respond to complaints regarding the application of PIP1. Any complaints regarding the application of PIPA can be directed to the superintendent of NCSS.

310:1 Disclosure of Information in Student Records

CHEK ABC discloses student information according to the BC Ministry of Education Student Records Order. See “Student Record Requirements and Best Practices Policy”

Only parents or legal guardians have access to student files.

  1. The Principal or a person designate must be present during the examination to interpret the records.
  2. A copy of the record(s) maybe made upon request by the parent/guardian or legal age student.
  3. Any request for student records must be made by filling out the request to share information form

310:2 Student Record Security

Due to the distance of CHEK ABC teachers and the central office, student files will be uploaded to a secure server where teacher have limited, secure access.

310:3 Electronic Supervision

The software program, Moodle, which is used to deliver CHEK ABC’s educational program electronically, is password protected. CHEK ABC utilizes Moodle in conjunction with email for all online courses and electronic communication with students.

  1. Moodle; each student has a secure user account with a password and user name. Both course teacher and administration have access to the student account. A Secure online forum may be utilized by course teachers. They are monitored by the teacher. Students may communicate with their course teacher through Moodle. All communication is kept by the teacher for the duration of the course.
  2. All students taking online courses must have their own or access to a parent/guardian account. Teachers communicate to students via email. These emails are archived in CHEK ABC archives and cc’d to the parent. Administration monitors the CHEK ABC archives at CHEK ABC archives as necessary. Any concerns regarding electronic safety/supervision can be directed to the CHEK ABC principal. Students create a user account in Moodle which includes a personal password and user name.

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