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Science Fair 2017

The Science Fair 2017 results are in!

So without any ado whatsoever, the winners are:

Grade 8-9

Grade 6-7

You can click on the links above to view the project submissions.

All other entries (alphabetically)

CHEK ABC MyConnect is joining forces with NCCS (Nelson Christian Community School) for a blended learning, cross-curriucular, student driven online science fair. We are so excited to offer a blended learning opportunity that utilizes today’s leading technology. Instead of highlighting projects on a traditional poster board, students will build a website!

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There are several components to this Online Science Fair:

  1. A Science experiment, innovation, STEM project or digital creation.

    • Students will follow guidelines for project specifications.
  2. Instruction on the scientific method, computer technology, and digital presentation.

    • Scientific method meets new BC curriculum guidelines across grade levels
    • Computer technology use fulfills Applied Design, Skills and Technology requirements
    • Digital presentation gives students practice using both technology and oral presentation skills
  3. Technological safety and awareness.

    • Parents, educators, and students come together to ensure safety while online
    • Students will use a Weebly Education platform website provided by the school
  4. Communal learning in a digital environment.

    • Interactive online classes will bring CHEK ABC and NCCS students together in a virtual classroom to ensure student success at meeting objectives.

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All online submissions must include the following:

  1. Summary: Give a brief overview of your Entry.

    • Optional additions to your summary (submit only one of the following options): a two minute video OR a slideshow with a maximum of twenty slides
  2. About Me: Introduce yourself.

  3. Question/Proposal: Describe the question that you are investigating and your hypothesis (or the problem that you are going to try to solve and the outcome that you expect).

  4. Research: Give an account of the research that you have done into your chosen category, and how this has influenced your Entry.

  5. Method/Testing and Redesign: Describe in detail how you carried out your experiment or tested your solution.

  6. Results/Data: Explain the data and observations gathered during your experiment or testing, be sure to include a description of any patterns or trends. A graph or chart should also be included in this section.

  7. Conclusion/Report: Give an explanation of how your experiment answers your question, or why it fails to do so, and whether or not the outcome was as you expected.

  8. Bibliography, References and Acknowledgements


Here we provide instructions for creating your website to go along with your project submission. Please check back here!