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Through a combination of online courses, personalized pacing, and using activities a student is already engaged in, CHEK ABC students complete needed requirements in various ways. In the 2018/19 school year the Ministry of Education will be implementing the New Curriculum so be watching for news on the BC Ministry of Education webpage regarding new requirements and course offerings to come!

For the 2016/17 and 2017/18 school year, all students will still be accountable to the 2004 Graduation Program Requirements. In order for a student to achieve a Dogwood Diploma in this program, a student must earn 80 credits:

Required Courses (48 credits)

  • Planning 10 (4 credits)
  • a Language Arts 10 (4 credits)
  • a Language Arts 11 (4 credits)
  • a Language Arts 12 (4 credits)
  • a Mathematics 10 (4 credits)
  • a Mathematics 11 or 12 (4 credits)
  • a Fine Arts and/or Applied Skills 10, 11 or 12 (4 credits)
  • a Social Studies 10 (4 credits)
  • a Social Studies 11 or 12 (4 credits)
  • a Science 10 (4 credits)
  • a Science 11 or 12 (4 credits)
  • Physical Education 10 (4 credits)

Students should make sure to take the right courses by checking in with their school counselor or by reviewing the Grad Planner (PDF, 5.7 MB).

Elective Courses (28 credits)

CHEK ABC offers many personalized elective courses that students can take. Students need at least three elective courses at the Grade 12 level. CHEK ABC students will often choose Bible courses, which are considered elective credits, to complete part of this requirement. Also, students can earn External Credits (for instance, from Royal Conservatory Music, or Cadets, or Red Cross Lifeguarding/Swimming). Work Experience or Career Programs are recognized ways of earning credit as well. Just ask us about what you are interested in!

Graduation Transitions (4 credits)

This is a BC required course that helps students prepare for life after High School. Students work on setting goals, and making transition plans.

For more information on the Dogwood Diploma Program Requirements, please visit the BC Ministry Website.

School Completion Certificate

Students with Special Needs may work towards achieving a School Completion Certificate, the Evergreen Certificate. These students have a highly personalized course program that includes a combination of Ministry courses, school developed courses, and life skills courses. Each student works at their own pace with the support from the CHEK ABC school based team.

Provincial Exams

With the upcoming change in curriculum, there are new requirements for Provincial Exams. All graduating students will be required to have written both Math and Literacy skills exams. These are not required until Grade 12. There will be some overlap and different scenarios for current high school students, depending on the courses and exams they have completed prior to June 2017. Please see the BC Ministry Website on Provincial Exams to determine the best approach for you. The CHEK ABC High School Counsellor is also available to advise on which exams will need to be written.

When a student is required to write either the Math or Literacy exam, a recommendation will be made their CHEK ABC teacher. Students must complete all coursework prior to the exam. CHEK ABC will arrange for the student to write at a location close to them. Exam sessions are provided six times during the year November, January, April, June and August. Students can have a variety of choice for course completion dates throughout the year.

Supervised Exams

With the elimination of required Provincial Exams, CHEK ABC requires that students write supervised final exams for courses that previously had a Provincial Exam. Supervised Exams are also used in any academic course to ensure authenticity of student work. Students are advised of the exam sessions held several times throughout the year and are required to write at least one per subject. Teachers may request more, as needed. The CHEK ABC office arranges for local exam centres and advises students of the dates, times, and locations. Supervised Exam results account for at least 10% of their final grade.


CHEK ABC online courses are offered through the Moodle educational platform. Upon enrolment students are issued a CHEK ABC student email account and are linked up to their chosen courses via Moodle. This process is quick and easy! Students may be starting their courses in as little as 24 hours from enrolment.

Moodle is a secure site and the privacy of all our students is protected.

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