Today is a day when I am most proud of the CHEK ABC staff. We believe that faith in action is integral to not only our personal lives but our daily work as well. We believe that as an organization we need to tithe our time in serving in our local community. We have put our money where our mouth is by employing a part-time Director of Christian Life Ministries who helps coordinate service opportunities for both students and staff. As such, we set aside several days each year that we as a staff get out into the community to participate in various service projects. Today was that day.

What is new for us this time, is that the staff split up into three groups and went to different organizations. One group is helping a local church prepare and serve lunches to High School students. A second group spent the day at a soup kitchen performing various tasks. I spent the morning in the soup kitchen scrubbing tables and meeting the clients.

It is a humbling task to get away from the office and computer - instead spending the day on your knees with a brush and bucket of water. It reminds me of the example that Jesus set when he washed the feet of his disciples - performing this simple task without complaint or expectation. As I scrubbed I talked with people - mostly about the weather or the tables or the food. One gentleman opened up and shared with me his story. I was struck with the childlike outlook he had - the simple pleasure that he gained sitting there talking with the table scrubber while drinking from 2 cups of coffee. His jokes were lame and his day was sparse, but his heart was open to meet new connections. I was privilidged to have the chance to see the joy in the simpleness that he treasured. He had no phone to be glued to or appointments to rush off to. He was just looking for someone to talk and share with - to talk about days gone by and the way things used to be. God chose me to be that person for him today.

Coming back to the office my hands still smell like pine cleaner. I look forward to the day when I again can connect with the great people at the soup kitchen. I wonder what God will have in store for me next time?