Providing quality at-home educational programming, and supporting the discipleship of children in the Christian faith is what we do at CHEK ABC. Learn more about the programs we offer.

Home Schooling For Beginners

New to or considering home schooling for the first time? We are committed to answer all your questions and walk with you each step of the way. Start here for an introduction to Home Schooling Basics.

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Service Learning @ CHEK ABC

A Dynamic Education in an At Home Setting. We believe that parents are vital to their child(ren)’s education. CHEK ABC is a Christian organization with a focus on assisting parents.

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The Family Room

At CHEK ABC we value our families! We have a variety of programs and other offerings that we make available to our families. Click here to access the family portal.

The Family Room

We offer home schooling programs for Kindergarten to Grade 12.

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CHEK ABC recognizes that children are each exceptional and have different learning needs. Each family also has unique circumstances, values, and goals. Therefore, at the Kindergarten to Grade 12 level, our teachers and counsellors works with the family to design the right individualized program for each student.

Our programs are flexible. K-9 students have vast flexibility in their programming and can include various resources, activities, hands-on projects, community based activities, family responsibilities and interests. We consider education to be holistic and see life as learning.

At the high school, we step outside the block programming and encourage students to choose the courses that are the right fit for their ability, goals, and lifestyles. We help them choose courses that fit with where they are at and give an entire calendar year for completion! This allows students the opportunity to work on courses at their own pace, even take some courses at a local high school (called Cross Enroll), hold down part time jobs, assist with various responsibilities at home, or perhaps take courses at a local college. We love walking with students through an individualized program from the primary grades through to graduation.

Students with Special Needs receive the assistance they need. We use a team-based approach to their program to provide the best services and supports possible. Additional staff and specialists are involved bringing expertise and support services as needed. Outside service providers from the local community are hired and often an Educational Assistant works with students in a personalized environment.

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