Kindergarten To Grade 9

A Dynamic Education in an At Home Setting. We believe that parents are vital to a their child(ren)’s education. CHEK ABC is a Christian organization with a focus on assisting parents


Grades 10-12

CHEK ABC offers a fully accredited high school program. There is great flexibility in course selection and our High School team works with students to develop a personalized program.


Special Education @ Home

The Special Education @ Home Program at CHEK ABC provides students with the opportunity to learn, pursue excellence, and grow in character in the home education context.  Students work at their own pace.


Getting started with a CHEK ABC at-home program is easy!.

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Personalized Education

CHEK ABC recognizes that children are each exceptional and have different learning needs. Each family also has unique circumstances, values, and goals. Therefore, at the Kindergarten to Grade 9 level, our program works with the family to design the right individualized program for each student.

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